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The Blog The Weekly Musings of a Curious Mind

Lessons from 1000 Days of Travel

1000 days of travel

We hit this milestone – 1000 days of travel – actually today it is in fact 1226.

Rather than write about all the amazing destinations and experiences we have had (I did that already!), I have been reflecting on how this has changed me and my philosophies on life.

Here are the main things that 1000 days of travel have taught me… (more…)

Laptop Lifestyle: Finding Blog Paradise

Blog Paradise

Ever since I started blogging I have had this vision in my head of blog paradise. When you have experienced location freedom (or laptop lifestyle) for a while you start thinking ahead to where you will enjoy doing what you do the most!

In my blog paradise it is warm all year around. It is tropical. There is high speed internet and amazing white sand beaches. Everything is cheap and delicious. The people are friendly. Life is easy and visa’s are generous.

I have been looking for these places for nearly 3 years now. We have found some amazing spots in our travels and each time (more…)

Income challenge: Creating a Women’s Retreat & Writers Retreat in Bali – Month 2

Women's retreat & Writer's retreat

Have you ever thought about creating a retreat in a tropical location? Is it possible for someone who has never organised a retreat to do so from scratch and make money from it?

Paula Johnson is attempting to do just that. This is the second month interview in the 12 month income challenge, where everyday people create new income streams. Check out how Paula is getting on. (more…)

A Journey Through Australia and the Kindness of Friends and Strangers


The last few weeks have been intense/wonderful/full on/exhausting/exciting/[insert word here].

We have a lot of friends in Australia and so this is a different kind of travel. It combines adventures with familiar faces of the people we love.

We said our goodbyes in Auckland and flew straight to Adelaide – the next few days spent gas-bagging with Chris who is the perfect host/conversationalist/all round awesome guy.

We woke up at 6am on the first day in NZ time zones in his son’s room, and lying in our little beds, surrounded by toys we were all giddy. Maybe it was because of his super high speed internet or maybe because we were on the road again, but it actually felt like we were 6 years old on Christmas morning!

Next stop a Captain Cook cruise on the Murray River, we have 4 days to (more…)

FAQ: Have I really retired?

Retire in 12 months

Not surprisingly, considering the title of my blog and first book, I get asked this a lot!

So here is the answer to this burning  question…

The background…

I was working long hours 5 days a week in a corporate job, then after I quit I worked even longer hours 7 days a week being self employed – which is not at all uncommon!

Then (more…)

Thank you… what a response to the free coaching offer!

A couple of weeks ago I put out an offer to give a free coaching session to 20 people.

The response was huge and I have been reading all of your responses over the last two weeks.

I really had no idea it would be so hard to pick 20 people! There are some passionate people out there with some exciting projects, businesses and goals and it has been so tough to choose who I will help.

Then in the midst of it, we got the email confirming that we could film a music festival in Rotorua for our new documentary. So we (more…)