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Ahem… What is going on?!

Serena Star Leonard & John Leonard

So some strange things have been happening on the website lately and I haven’t done a lot of explaining… sorry!

The reality is that things all got thrown up in the air here in Dublin town.

I guess it was inevitable really – so much travel under our belts – so many life changing experiences – so many opportunities – the world literally at our finger tips.

Writing Books

John has been (more…)

12 months is at an end, everything else is just beginning…

Today is THE day, the grand finale, the day that I have been working towards. On December 12 2009 I posted my first video blog sharing the plan for this project. I was excited (and nervous) and didn’t know what to expect.

I have had a total change of perspective however in the last few weeks having experienced (more…)

How to Retire in 12 Months, Good News!

Short and sweet this week!

I have some good news, a few months back I was approached by a publishing company to write a book based on this experience. Basically I had to produce a sample chapter for them and based on that we would go ahead. (more…)

Website goodies: Have a Peek Behind The Scenes

This week I have had a little fun with a screen recorder so that I can show you some of the cruicial components of the website. It’s an overview of functionalily rather than technical information really, but it will give you an idea of the behind the scenes action that you often wouldn’t notice when you visit someones website.

If you would like any more information on any of these tools please let me know!

Will I have a passive income before the end of the year?

A few days ago I celebrated the 6 month mark of the project. By celebrated I mean that I had a couple of days away from my computer. Is it possible for me to have a low maintenance income by December 12th? I think so! Is it a clear path? No, but (more…)

Five and a Half Month Update – Video Blogs are Back!

I am nearly at the half way mark, woah!!

I am back on the horse with the video blogs, I moved house recently and I now have space to work without too many distractions, except for the yummy food in the fridge.

We also have cable internet which I am sad to say was very exciting for me! But it turned out to be bitter sweet as it is too fast (or something) for my old lappy and crashes it when I turn the wireless on!

Here is the first video blog in a while, I promise to do this more often, it was actually not too hard this time, I only did about 5 takes. But you can see the nice doors in our new little sunroom/office.

Have a gorgeous week everyone, I hope you are in as delicious a mood as I am!