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Some say…

In December 2011 I was back in Perth for a few weeks visiting the family and chilling in the sun. This meant I would have time to catch up on the reading I had been putting aside because I was too busy. While wandering through the BIG W book section (of all places) I discovered Serena's book. What appealed to me was;
a. it had a great message
b. it was easy to read
c. it was written by a woman
d. it was written from an Aussie perspective

Turning 51 years young I was looking for a new venture to help me escape my 9-5 commitment. Serena offered me a way to make that happen. When I returned to Melbourne I shared my new found knowledge with her and immediately found my blogging buddy.

I launched on 14 April 2012 and haven't looked back. The past month has seen me revamp what I had originally set out to deliver, but as happens in life the business is 'getting dressed up' and will re-launch on 18 June. All this has, no IS happening because Serena's book helped by offering me a simple template to follow. How to Retire in 12 Months has ignited the fire in me. THANK YOU Serena - I look forward to the day giving you (in person) the big hug you deserve. CaAtherine Meredith
Shakespeare Made Me Do It!
How did William Shakespeare make me a blogger?
And why is Kevin Spacey to blame?

Ok – so I’m an EX-drama teacher! Having taught for 26 years in the areas of English and Drama and ESL and Special Education, I was, by the time I reached my fifties, a tad over it.

Nevertheless, I am always grateful to the wonderful experiences that teaching has afforded me via kids’ “Aha! moments”, international travel and of course, the Salary, which is nothing to poke a stick at the more years you’ve been teaching.
All that aside, I was at the end of my tether last year, for the umpteenth time. (Teacher burn-out should be researched).
Apart from having no idea what to do work-wise, I noted that Kevin Spacey was going to perform in Sydney in December in Shakespeare’s Richard 3, which I had taught to a bunch of gels around 1988. So, a party was organised and I flew into Sydney and was “spaced out”.

On the way home, and yes, I’m a total sucker for any airport bookshop, I ignored a book called “How to Retire in 12 Months” not once but 3 times! On that 3rd time I turned around and grabbed the damn book off the shelf (hey, it was in the financial section!) and bought it.

Well, knock me down with a feather! If this book didn’t sing to my imagination and if my imagination didn’t respond in squeals, then I don’t know what I was taking. It was so easy to read and follow. And let me fill you in – I’m 54 and very non-computer literate and even I could see what Serena was saying.
Her explanations on how to do things are very clear. She lays it all out by sharing from her own experiences. Once I decided I’d have a go at “retiring in 12 months” by BLOGGING, then everything seemed to fall into place.

I read the book, then I decided to blog, so I opened the book at the beginning again alongside my computer and started to follow her suggestions. That was in December 2011. Kevin had worked his magic for me on the 10th and I was back home on the 12th with book in hand, working some magic of my own.
My own website hit cyberspace on the 31st of December 2011.

And just to repeat, at 54, I’m not a geek. I’m just motivated.
If you have reached a point where you think, what else can I do? Then this might be the book for you.
10 out of 10 for Serena’s book “How to Retire in 12 Months”.
Nancy Liddle - Woman Glow
Reading “How to Retire in 12 Months” has been a life-changing experience. This book not only gave me the clarity I needed to start my online business, it provided guidance on the various elements of online marketing. Through this book, Serena demystified the online world and set me up for building my online business on a solid foundation. Suzan Saad
Hi Serena,

I have been a "knowledge junkie" for the past 10 years, attending countless courses, reading hundreds of books and even completing my Cert IV in Life Coaching, however I never had the confidence to start a business utilising the skills I've learned. I recently bought your book "how to retire in 12 months" and found it inspirational, I love the fact that it's written in plain english with a variety of case studies and its great that you share your references so that a task that seems overwhelming, is made simple by following your guide.

So I just wanted to say thank you, I've already downloaded some information off your website and I have someone in the process of designing me a logo etc. for my website.

Without your book I would have stayed on the merry go round of life, wanting, wanting, wanting but never achieving.
So once again, Thanks, it's people like you that make this world a better place! Caz Birdsey
Serena’s book made me buzz with new ideas. She reminds you that we all have skills and knowledge to offer and that the internet holds many possibilities. Where’s a pen? I need to get cracking! Nicole Miller
I could not put this book down! It has reignited my dreams and inspired me to live out my passions through the Internet, an avenue I had never considered. Easy to follow, it gives anyone the tools to live a life worth being excited about. Christel Price
How to Retire in 12 Months has been a fun read. Most of the book cruises along with the chatty expose of developing your mindset, challenging your beliefs and encouraging you to discover your passion. The tone changes half way through the book as Serena moves into her chapter “How To Make Money Online”. You will now learn about different types of marketing, creating websites, and in time, your own products.

By the time you have finished the first half of the book, you will have the inspiration to “give it a go”. By the time you finish the second half of the book you will have a good overview of how you are going to go about it. I found that, even as an experienced online marketer, there were definitely some ideas and techniques I learned from Serena's book.

I do think that Serena has done a great job of where to start, and she has also provided you with a resource that you can return to as you start your own “retirement” plan. And Serena's writing is always sprinkled with enthusiasm which is very infectious.
Mary Speller
How To Retire in 12 Months is a succinct, action-focussed and inspirational step-by-step guide to setting up an online business. I've read a lot of similar guides, and Star-Leonard's stands out for being informative, practical and jargon-free. I love the style it's written in, and the use of real-world examples to ground it in reality. I found myself constantly putting it down to jot down ideas and add things to my to-do list.

If you're after a kick-start guide to setting up an online business from go to woah, this is the book for you! Tessa Needham
I really appreciate your honest style and lack of smoke & mirrors in describing your process. Jan Allsopp
I loved this book! How to Retire in Twelve Months is like having your own personal online income guru whispering excitedly in your ear and telling you your dreams are completely and utterly possible. If you dream of turning your passion into an online income Serena's book will fuel you through those thoughts of 'what if' to 'oh my God I'm actually doing it!'. Charlotte Squire - Happyzine
The ultimate ‘How to’ guide. This is the best book I’ve read since 'I can make you rich' by Paul McKenna. In fact I wish I’d read it first! Serena knows her stuff and shares the ups and downs of her own journey with passion, wisdom and oodles of practicality. Gabrielle Syben
Due to the opportunities created by the internet, the days of being tied to an office job just because you need the money are over! By following the information in this book, everyone who is inspired to make money doing something they love will be able to create a plan for doing just that. Melinda Samson