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12 months is at an end, everything else is just beginning…

Today is THE day, the grand finale, the day that I have been working towards. On December 12 2009 I posted my first video blog sharing the plan for this project. I was excited (and nervous) and didn’t know what to expect.

I have had a total change of perspective however in the last few weeks having experienced the domino effect of family tragedy. So, after working very hard, and having an incredible year of discovery, opportunity and accomplishment instead of champagne and celebration I almost missed the significance of the day completely.

The goal was to create $2000 a week of sustainable income that required less than one day a week to maintain it. Here is what I learned in the quest to retire young:

To be successful you need an amazing team

Regardless of your pursuit, most big goals require a team of people to support you and work with you.  The pursuit of this goal was no exception; my amazing ever expanding team includes on a daily basis:

Melinda –seriously the best business partner I could ever imagine. Grassroots Internet Strategy would not be where we are now without Melinda’s dedication, humour and hard work.

Daniel – one of my younger brothers who looks after the web stuff on most of my websites, made even more special because he has a personal dislike of WordPress!!

Alana – my little sister who came on board more recently to manage much of the load and book keeping.

Then there is another bunch of important people who do amazing things including Andrew, Helen, Sean, Tess, Edge, Ade and there are more still!

Look to create partnerships wherever you can, go out of your way for people and they will go out of their way for you. Good people are one of the secrets to success with any goal.

Life is precious, make the most of it

I just got reminded of this in the last few weeks, and one thing that I am really aware of is how important it is that you love your life, learn what you want to learn, spend quality time with your family and accomplish what you want to accomplish. At the end you die, and that is it.

Every day that you have is a day that you can use to work towards your own passions, goals and adventures. I took a good look at myself recently and thought that although I have definitely have not done everything I want to do yet, I have no major regrets in life. I am already doing the things I want to do and it was more than worth the work to get here.

A public goal is very motivating

There is nothing like having public commitment to keep you on track! If you are unsure of whether you can do something make a public goal and tell everyone you know. Public goals tend to make you find a way to succeed, and having everyone you know check in on your project is a great motivator.

The low down on income and sustainability

My low maintenance income has grown steadily throughout the year, which was tested when I agreed to write a book and took a 3 month break from the business. I had to prematurely experience my ability to run my businesses and create income on less than 1 day a week and while some things suffered my income continued to grow albeit less quickly.

The income varies week to week, and I think that is just the nature of the beast. I believe that as our databases and offerings continue to grow so will a base of more stable income, however the ups and downs balance well.

We have had some good jumps in visitor and subscriber numbers on both websites and it is really nice to see so many new names come through and new people starting to comment and participate. Your ability to attract and collect a strong and loyal following is the key to sustainability and to do that you have to actually send them some value, regularly in a form that your visitors want or need.

My goal was to get to stage where I was generating $2000 a week working less than one day a week and at this stage it is closer to $1500. So I haven’t quite made the full goal but, with the current growth it is not far off!

This is just the beginning

I thought that this was the most important bit, the last 12 months have been all about creating this moment, the moment when I can say I can create the income I need to live doing something positive that I am passionate about AND only need to work on it one day a week. And this is actually where I find myself right now and what I realise is that this is just the beginning…

I am not making millions of dollars (yet!), but many weeks, we make money while we sleep which is soooo cool! This has been the most exciting, eye opening journey of my life and I am here, standing on the precipice of what’s next.

Thanks for being part of the journey so far, some of you have been here since the beginning and I really appreciate your comments, emails, tweets and brilliant support.

So the 12 months is up which makes this Day 1 in Phase 2 and I am looking forward to sharing with you the next steps on this rollercoaster adventure.

Lots of love,

Serena xx

P.S.Last week I was featured in an article that was published in Sydney and Melbourne papers if you would like to read it.

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  1. well done Serena, fantastic effort ! Just goes to show that if you set your mind on something anything is possible !
    Looking forward to hearing abour your journey through Phase 2. Good luck !

  2. Well done and what a stellar effort it has been. We are dillusional to think that we are in control of anything – we can only contribute and the best is to align personal values with the way we earn our living. Your documentation of the past 12 months are a fantastic example of just that and for others who want to follow suit!

    The next time I have a glass of bubbly, I will toast to you and your team!

  3. Congradulations Serena. Thank you for sharing your highs and your challenges with us. Following your journey has really inspired me. Have a fabulous, well deserved, holiday. My very best wishes for an awesomely successful 2011 xxx

  4. Congratulations, Serena,
    on reaching a major goal and sharing those lessons (and so much more) with others along the way. You have learned first hand the preciousness of life and living and loving passionately every day we have. May all your travels lead to beautiful discoveries and joyful memories. Many blessings…Marta

  5. Aunty Megan :) says:

    Well done Weenie!!!

  6. You’re an inspiration SSL!

  7. Some great lessons from the Master (I was going to say Mistress but it sounded wrong – you know what I mean) You are certainly an inspiration to us all. Good luck for the next year.

  8. Hi Serena,
    Well done!!! Just wanting to say that I’m glad you’re looking forward to sharing your next steps because I’d definitely miss reading your blog! Thanks for your inspiration and great attitude. And I was so sorry to hear about your brother.
    Hugs from Tess in Takaka, NZ

  9. Wow, it has certainly been a dramatic journey with a number of totally unexpected curves in the road. The knowledge that you have gained, and shared has been phenomenal, and encouraging. The bad parts have been devastating, but we will have to use it to encourage us to use our lives to really squeeze every last drop of goodness out of it, just as Ethan did.

    What you have achieved this year is a great base to build from, and I look forward to seeing your book in print, and finding out what you have planned for next year.

  10. Helen Burrows says:

    congrats lovely lady – it has been a privilege to watch your journey and learn with you. thank you for sharing it all and i’m so thrilled for you that you’ve created a sustainable income working so few hours every week – it just rocks! you have provided countless people with the opportunity for their lives to turn and go a different way – you are a gift to humanity, we love you. it has also been wonderful to work with you and i hope there is more in store for us. lots of love helen, mark and amelia xxx

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