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Too much travel? Is there such a thing as too much?

This Friday we leave for San Francisco after 9 months and 5 days of travel. We have been to 12 countries since we left Sydney and the US will be lucky 13.

For some reason even though neither of us have ever been to San Francisco it feels like we are finishing our “holiday” and heading home, maybe because we are planning to stay there for a couple of months and maybe because we have family and friends there.

The truth is that the last few weeks we have been talking about San Francisco as if it is the land of milk and honey…

In San Fran we will have strong internet every day
In San Fran we can have stuff posted to us
In San Fran we can join a gym
In San Fran we don’t have to search for good places to stay
In San Fran we can cook every day if we want to
In San Fran we know where we will be next week
In San Fran we know people
In San Fran they cater to vegetarians
In San Fran we can borrow warm clothes
In San Fran everything will be wonderful

This is the song of two deranged travellers who are ready to settle down, if only for two months. The last few weeks we have travelled huge, long distances across Mexico and filmed several projects and we are actually feeling a little tired.

Running out of Vegemite

We are running out of Vegemite

image credit

We are looking forward to some normality.

We have been talking about our plans for travel in South America next year, which is sooo much bigger than what we have done this year.

A new routine perhaps… travel two months and relax for one. We are in no hurry really, well other than my internal clock ticking… a big, fat, clickity clock of cluckiness.

Cluckity cluck

Cluckity cluck


I digress.

I could see that you could get sick of travelling if you had to go like a maniac all the time.

Luckily that is not what we have to do. So eight weeks to refresh and recharge and work on all these exciting ideas I have had over the last month.

Did I mention I am insanely motivated right now? I realise that contradicts the tired thing, but such is life!

Anyway watch out for lots of cool new stuff happening on this website, because I am getting organised.

Watch out world

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