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Freeing the birds & how Travel Kids Club came to be…

How Travel Kids Club came to be

Once upon a time in 2012, a couple of loved-up idealists ditched their crap, packed their bags and hit the road. 

They crossed oceans, wandered over mountains and through jungles, finding heart-warming examples of the most inspiring people on earth.

The end.

Just kidding! It’s really just the beginning…

A plan for the birds

We have been travelling now for 3 years, 9 months and 9 days and have filmed 30 short documentaries of people who make a difference to their communities.

Along the way we were sharing our stories on the interwebs and people were watching them… in fact our videos have been viewed over 180,000 times, which we think is kind of amazing!

Right at the beginning I had this idea to send letters and packages to kids showing them the amazing sights of the countries we were visiting.

One day in a park in Medellin, I saw a guy selling these cool birds constructed with wood and plastic. It’s like a Da Vinchi design, you wind them up on a rubber band, and they fly amazingly well.

In true nutter form, we bought 20 of these delicate birds and carried them gently through several countries, over several months thinking only of the joy they would bring to the kids we would send them to.

We don’t travel light. And after this purchase we would travel with large packs, day bags, camera bags, a laptop bag and a bag for the birds. Every bus we boarded, every taxi, train, boat and plane we had to watch the birds, watch the birds, you’re crushing the birds!! 

The lengths we went to for their flimsy wings!!

Our travel kit...

After about 5 months we realised that we were not yet ready to launch, and these birds had begun to have more meaning than we were willing to admit – they began to feel like family… a fragile, plasticated travel family.

We meet a lot of impoverished kids on our travels so after postponing the concept we decided to give them to the next kids who stole our hearts. This included…

  • A boy we met while resting on a hike in Bolivia, his house was a one room shack with a corrugated iron roof .
  • Some brothers we stayed with on an isolated island in Lake Titicaca whose village was a true Hobbiton (without the fancy things). They were so sweet, they took them immediately to the village centre to share them with other kids in the community.
  • Some girls living in a tiny village in an enormous mountain crater, that is a 12 hour walk from civilisation.

Giving away the birds

We released the birds and our hunch was right, the kids were delighted with them, we could travel with one hand free, and of course it melted our big, fat, travel-loving hearts once more.

The Travel Kids Club idea takes wings

Travel Kids Club

A couple of years and continents later and our kids club has taken on a whole new life. The birds may be gone, but we are flying!

After spending time seeing the work of 30 charities in 26 countries, our letters and packages are now a reality but they are now part of a winning combination… introducing the Travel Kids Club! We are setting up a charity project that sends gorgeous, fun, educational packages to our members (aged 6-11) and all funds raised go to supporting the amazing charities we visit in each country.

The best bit is… the kids choose between the charities! They get to have a real responsibility in making a difference and they get to see the impact their choices make over time.

Winner, winner, faux-chicken dinner.

We need your help to launch!

With printing Travel Kids Club we have minimum numbers! We need to get to 100 members in the next couple of weeks so that we can print the first packages and send them off to the kids. This is where we need your help please…

As of today we have 14 memberships signed up and we need 100 to make it viable.

Here are 3 ways you can help with our heartfelt thanks…

  1. Subscribe your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, neighbours, and friends kids aged 6-11.
  2. Share our website or videos with your friends, family and on social media
  3. Make a donation to the launch (if you don’t have kids!) – every bit helps!

Thanks and please wish us luck!

Serena xx

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Speak your lovely mind!

  1. This is so inspiring! I didn’t realise that the club is a charity and the money goes back to help the communities you visit. I love it! Super cool to read the story of the birds and how that has played a role in what you are doing now. I hope you get 100 kids soon so you can take off!

  2. Thanks so much Christel! I hope we get there too!!

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