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Website Launchpad: Direct Training

“Get confidence in creating your own website and online community”

‘Website Launchpad: Direct Training’
 is a coaching and training package that will show you how to produce a great website that will kick start your online business.

It is designed for people who are setting up a website for the first time, or those who have had a website that has not lived up to expectations.

Website Launchpad


  • how to create value and income from your ideas, skills and passions
  • how to install and set up a website in less than 24 hours
  • which free tools will help your business the most
  • how to market your website through social media and build a community online

With this package we will work together directly on your website from week to week using the Website Launchpad course as a base. The difference with this package is that you are the whole focus; the content is entirely tailored for your needs and requirements.

Choose ‘Website Launchpad – Direct Training’ if you:

  1. Want expert guidance in creating a website that fulfills your business goals.
  2. Would prefer personal attention rather than participating in a course.
  3. Wish to discover how you can harness the power of the internet.

This is also the perfect option if you can’t wait for the next Website Launchpad course and want a website ASAP!

The website is only one part of the equation

When first entering the world of online business, people often focus on the look of the website, but there are many other essential ingredients for success. Knowing these things will give you a big head start.

During this training program, as well as the technical launch of your website, you will also discover how:

  • to build a community of likeminded people
  • to create a digital product, that will encourage new subscribers
  • people really make money online
  • to market and promote your website

What is included in the program?

Your sessions will be designed around your specific goals. In your first session we will decide a time frame for your sessions and goals, then we will get started!

Each session is designed around action, we will work together in the sessions and then you will complete the activities in your own time, every week taking you one step closer to launching your website and building your online community.

We can work as fast or as slow as you require. The pace is determined by you.

Working directly on your new website, we will step you through the process and you will discover things like:

  • How to make money online & turn your passions into a website business
  • How to set up your hosting, domain name and install WordPress
  • Why you need a blog, and how to make a success of it
  • Google Analytics for monitoring visitor behaviour.

You will also discover the tools available that will help you market your website and build a community online including:

  • How to build a valuable database
  • Email marketing & automation
  • Social media for business – choose from Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus etc.
  • How to launch and market your website

Website Course


‘Website Launchpad: Direct Training’ Options

Kickstart Coaching Launchpad Coaching

Rocket Fuel Website Training







*Scroll down for payment options

‘Website Launchpad: Direct Training’ Includes…

Website Coaching

These sessions will help you create clear goals, a website strategy and identify the opportunities available to you for the best possible chances of success in your business. Together we create a strategy for your website, marketing and online community and help you produce a website that fulfills your goals.


Using “shared screens” we will work directly on your website and related applications. We will set up your website, plugins, email marketing, social media accounts, payment gateways, Google Analytics and more.

Take the struggle out of learning new applications and get what you need with no fuss. This will give you a solid understanding and confidence in your abilities, whilst getting you quickly to the launch and marketing stage of your website.

“Do It For Me”

This is your chance to delegate! In the Rocket Fuel Package you get 5 additional hours of my time to work on any of the following (and more): eBook or blog editing, formatting, account creation, basic design and more for your eBooks, social media or email marketing accounts.

If you don’t need the time you can exchange it for additional coaching/training sessions.

Bonus: Website Emergency Calls!

Like any new venture, from time to time a website can make you ready to throw your hands up. These packages give you Website Emergency calls up your sleeve to use when you have a quick question, a problem to solve or need a quick pep talk!

A note on pricing…

Some of my clients are on a shoestring budget. I know what it feels like to be starting out and for this reason I have created payment options.

My rates are super low compared to other business coaches and all my sessions run for 60 minutes so that you have plenty of time to find out what you need, get inspired and get into action.

Payment Options

Kickstart Website Course Launchpad Website Course Rocket Fuel Website Course.






*Scroll up for one-off payments

Who is my website coach?

Hi, I am Serena Star Leonard!!Serena Star Leonard

I am a Business Coach, blogger, trainer and the author of two inspirational business books “How to Retire in 12 Months: turning passion into profit” and “How to Succeed in 12 Months: creating a life you love”.

I enjoy location freedom and have been travelling since April 2012, working with my clients via Skype as I explore the world with my husband John.

I am addicted to blogging and run 3 websites – Grassroots Internet Strategy is a resource for small business owners who wish to get more out of their websites. Five Point Five is a passion project that films short inspiring documentaries and travel reviews, the third is this website you are reading right now.

I am passionate about many things but one of my favourites is to help small business people and social projects start up, produce websites and build communities online, utilising all the wonderful resources available at our fingertips.


Email serena (at) or send a message on Facebook