What do I do with my time now?

A lot of people ask me what I do with my time now and after a much needed lull and rest at the beginning of the year I find myself busier than ever!

My head is starting to clear after all the intensity last year and of course at the end of it all, the shock of losing my brother. A nice new flow is emerging and I have an intense motivation to get fit and have been getting up almost every day for some exercise. I also have back my passion for cooking and have been experimenting with nutrition, cooking and eating.

What work I do lately has been all about book promotion and preparation of the Website Launchpad course and I am getting some awesome people registering! I am really looking forward to connecting with a new group of enthusiastic people looking to discover the wonders of internet business.

We have been working closely with Chris from Octoply getting this new site up (more developments very soon! As well as giving Grassroots a much needed facelift. This is something that I am really looking forward to, as it has been in limbo for several months.

I have also started the process of selling 15 years of accumulated stuff! it’s refreshing how little I worry about “things” now that I have a bigger adventure on the cards.

Other than that this year I have been travelling a lot! A month in Ireland, a month in New Zealand, time in Canberra as well as a few trips to Melbourne including this week! We had book launch drinks here on Thursday and I am enjoying catching up with my gorgeous friends and family this week as well as meeting the people from my publisher who I normally deal with by phone.

So that is my update, short and sweet this week! And yes I am loving the lifestyle!

There are still some places left on the course, so if you would like to get moving on your own website check out the course page for more details, this was a process that changed my life and I am looking forward to seeing it do the same for you!

Have a great week!
Serena xx

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