Income Challenge: How to Write and Sell a Book – Month 2

Tom Norman - Write a Book


Do you have a book in you? Curious to know what it takes to write and then sell a book? Tom Norman is doing just that for the 12 Month Income Challenge.

Tom’s goal is to earn 2000 pounds through selling a book. We chat to him about what he’s been up to during the second month of the challenge.

Q: What steps did you take this month towards your goal?


  • Arranged website design with my friend.
  • Completed the first draft of the free eBook I will be launching with my site.
  • Jumped off bridges into freezing cold rivers, watched the Lion King whilst drunk and generally had a great time in Slovenia. Although I’m in the UK again now, and I’m excited to jump straight into working again.

Q: What have you discovered since last month?

Tom: Through being away and meeting new people, I discovered that when I came to describe my new site, I couldn’t muster anything more succinct and informative than…

“Well, I’m starting a site about human potential, and life, and how it’s important to live life fully, and not half, and I want to help people to do the same because that’s important… blah blah blah”.

This highlighted that I needed more clarity on how to describe what I’m doing. This led to a change in my site name from Uwezo Infinity to simply Uwezo and a new concise tagline to describe it – ‘The Art of Being Thoroughly Used Up’. What do you think? Does it work?

P.S. ‘Thoroughly used up’ is taken from one of my favourite quotes. George Bernard Shaw writes “I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work, the more I live.”

Q: What worked?

Tom: I’m often reluctant to give myself some down-time and don’t like to lift my foot off the accelerator, but from my three weeks off it’s helped me gain further clarity and come back with more momentum than ever. I’m going to need to continue to implement down-time into my schedule.

After speaking to my friend who’s building my website, we’ve figured out how it’s going to look and so that’s beginning to take shape.

Q: What didn’t work?

Tom: I had another one of those moments when I was excited about sharing something online, only to release it to digital tumbleweed. Moral of the story and a lesson that I’m hearing time and time again is don’t allow your self-worth to rest on the feedback of others – be that positive or negative feedback.

I need to get the balance right between idea generation and taking action. Ideas are coming thick and fast, but I need to make sure I make them a reality (I wrote about this recently in a blog post, but I still need reminding).

Q: What useful resources have you discovered?

Tom: I read The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle while I was away. It was filled with some profound and yet simple ideas that I know will be impacting both my personal and business life.

Q: What steps will you take next month?


  • Finish the free eBook that I’ll launch with the site.
  • Have the sitemap and page content finished and ready for launch.
  • Film a pilot/trial episode of my future podcast idea.

Q: Have you made changes to your plan?

Tom: I will put back my site launch from November to December to allow a little more time to make the launch as effective as possible. This means producing a well-written and well-crafted eBook, arranging guest posts and appearances on other websites and being able to offer plenty of value from the site straight away.


Money made this month: £0
Money made in total in the challenge: £0
Money spent on this challenge: £5.62 ( domain)
Time spent on challenge: Not including the time spent jumping into freezing rivers, I’ve spent perhaps 20 hours on the challenge. Much of this is planning and developing ideas, so I need to make sure I convert these into actions.

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